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Hey it’s Denise here,  

My mentor and business bestie Marie Forleo just opened the 2019 enrollment for her legendary B-School coaching program.  

I joined B-School way back in 2011 and using the principles Marie teaches I’ve gone on to create a multiple 7-figure business, help tens of thousands of women change their money mindset and created a life of freedom and abundance for my family.  

I joined to be part of a community of big-hearted women making money online, showing up and making a positive impact in the world…  

Working with Marie was fundamental to my early success. She’s a trailblazer for us all. Lighting the way and role modeling how we as women can step up, lead, build businesses, make money and change the world.  

B-School is now a multi-8-figure business that has launched the online businesses of 30,000 women - I’ve no doubt you‘ve heard the hype!  

Whatever stage of business you’re at, knowing the fundamentals of business, marketing and how to make money online are the absolute foundation for moving forward.  

As a proud affiliate partner of B-School, I’m offering an exclusive bonus package worth $1,997 if you join B-School through my partner link

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BONUS #1 Money Bootcamp 

Lifetime access to my game-changing money mindset course, The Money Bootcamp worth $1,997.

Including all 18 online video training modules, exercises, workbooks, assignments and practical tips to change your relationship with money. 

Join over 5,000 women as we release our money blocks together.

"I think Money Bootcamp is the BEST B-School bonus out there! After I joined, we all got together in the B-School group and asked which bonuses we'd all signed up for and 3 months later, many people were disappointed they hadn't signed up for Denise’s bonus too!  

There are always new shiny objects in the marketing space, but the money mindset work you do within the Bootcamp is invaluable and lasts a lifetime. I have taken upwards of 20+ courses on business, manifesting and mindset and invested in $20k of 1:1 coaching and to be honest... The Money Bootcamp is the only course I would happily go back and pay for all over again. It's been THAT valuable.  

When you start an online business, you WILL trip over money blocks, there's no if, it's only when - and the Bootcamp will make sure you're 100% prepared for everything that will come up for you as you go through B-School - which is also amazing."  

- Amber Rose Thomas - Vibrant Entrepreneur Coach

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BONUS #2 Lifetime Membership of Bootcamp Mastermind Community 

When you join B-School through my link you’ll also receive lifetime membership of my online Bootcamp community, with no ongoing fees. Home to 5,000 other women all working on our money blocks and businesses together this is one of the most inspiring and supportive spaces on line and access to this group alone is worth well over the B-School enrollment!  

B-School Enrolment + My Money Bootcamp Bonus Ends In...


BONUS #3 Money Bootcamp LIVE 2018 - 23 Apr - 1 June

Twice a year I run a LIVE round of Money Bootcamp where our whole community comes together and works through the course side by side. This includes live group coaching with me, challenges, FB Lives and the momentum of thousands of women breaking through money blocks. Once you’ve completed B-School imagine immersing yourself into our money mindset course with me guiding you every step of the way - live and in person. We'll work through the entire course together to release your money blocks and upgrade your money mindset to help you dream business take off. 

BONUS #4 Advanced Pricing Course  

A critical factor in the success of your business in 2019 will be how you set and increase your prices - that’s why I’m gifting you my Advanced Pricing Course. As your fourth free bonus you get my pricing techniques, tips and the actual scripts I have used to increase my prices over 900% and create VIP offerings - NO MORE undercharging or underearning!  



That’s $1,997 worth of bonus Money Mindset expertise directly from me; a B-School alum who has implemented Marie’s program to grow a 7-figure business over the last 7 years.  

B-School will give you the in-depth marketing and business training you need and Money Bootcamp will help you release money blocks, transform your money mindset and earn more money.  

As a member of our Bootcamp community you’ll have the best possible chance of making the most of B-School to create the business, income and impact you want!  

Enrolment for Money Bootcamp is currently closed so if you’ve been considering joining and want to be part of both programs - this is the perfect offer for you and now is the time… this is seriously the BEST compliment to your B-School journey.  

Here’s a word from Melissa, a member of my Money Bootcamp who also joined B-School…  

The Money Bootcamp is such an amazing compliment to B-School. When I completed B-School, so many blocks came up that were stopping me from putting myself out into the world as a healer. It wasn't until I joined Denise's Money Bootcamp and was given the tools, the leadership and the supportive community that I was able to find my voice in the online world and have the confidence to market myself successfully.  

Denise's Money Bootcamp is about so much more than money. For me it was about finding my voice, strength and courage to make a difference in the world.  

Being in the B-school and Lucky Bee communities has been life changing for me .  

 - Melissa Z - Healer, Pure Energy Therapies .

Learn directly from me how I combined B-School with my money mindset work to create a highly successful and profitable online business that I love and a lifestyle of freedom, adventure and abundance.  

Claim access to ALL these amazing bonuses when you join Marie Forleo’s B-School through the link below:  

B-School + Bootcamp Enrolment Ends In...


To your success and abundance. See you in B-School & Bootcamp soon!  

xx Denise