Money Bootcamp is the life-changing money mindset transformation course that everyone is talking about. Specifically created for female entrepreneurs, this 6-week program will help you finally earn the money you deserve and embrace a life of abundance and wealth by breaking through your money blocks.  

We will open registration for the 2017 LIVE round of Money Bootcamp on Tuesday, August 1st.  

We’re currently expanding, improving and enhancing Money Bootcamp and preparing for the ONLY live round of 2017 which will include live calls, challenges, workshops and exercises led by Denise and alongside over 3,000 other Lucky Bees.  

The Enrollment Fee for Bootcamp will also INCREASE on Thursday, August 3rd so click below to enter your name and email to join the Money Bootcamp Notification List. I'll make sure you have the opportunity to join as soon as we open registration with the Early Bird price.