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Hey it’s Denise here,  

My mentor and launch expert Jeff Walker is about to close enrollment for his game-changing Product Launch Formula program and I can not recommend it enough if you want to grow an online business. 

I have personally implemented PLF in my business to run 11 launches over the last 3 years and generate over $5m in revenue!

This program just WORKS and is proven by thousands of entrepreneurs in hundreds of different industries all over the world. 

Jeff's program is the absolute number one online marketing and launch training available that has generated over $1billion in sales revenue over almost 20 years. That’s billion with a B! 

Whether you're aiming for your first $1,000, $10,000 or even $100,000 launch, Product Launch Formula (PLF) will give you a step-by-step process with supportive coaching to finally get yourself launched!  

PLF is essential for anyone considering launching a product, service or even an entire new business. Even if you do not have a business idea or email list, PLF is an intensive marketing system that will elevate your business. For established businesses, PLF will give you the framework and proven strategies to add 5 and 6 figure launches to your business in the next 6 months.  

Jeff reviews and expands PLF every year and the course includes training on how to launch your business, your online course, your book and how to run affiliate launches or evergreen funnels. This is a comprehensive online marketing training. 

As a proud affiliate partner of Jeff's, I’m offering an exclusive bonus package worth over $2,000 if you join PLF through this page.  

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[JOIN NOW] Product Launch Formula + My Epic Behind-The-Scenes Bonus

BONUS #1 EXPERT WEBINAR: Secrets & Mistakes from $5m in Launches

By joining PLF from this page, you’ll also be invited to join me and my Launch Manager (and hubby) Mark for a masterclass webinar where we’ll share our top launch secrets we’ve gathered from running 11 multiple 6-figure PLF-style launches. Together we’ll cover...  

  • How we've streamlined our PLF launches to maximise profit - 80%+ profit on an $800,000 launch. 
  • How we used a 5-Day challenge to achieve a six-figure launch for a $197 product
  • How almost 40,000 people completed our Money Quiz including 20,000 new leads from Facebook Advertising
  • How we used Launch Stacking to double our list size in 6 months
  • Despite repeatedly hitting mid-to-high 6 figures we'll share the mistakes, frustrations and things we wish we did better
  • We’ll reveal our launch game plan, planning process, goal setting and answer your launch questions. 

To support your journey through the Product Launch Formula program and help you get the most from the course we'll share our advanced launch strategies and answer all of your launch questions.  

BONUS #2 EXPERT WEBINAR: Combining PLF Launches with Evergreen Sales

This is cutting edge training - a BRAND NEW BONUS Coaching Call where we'll go behind the scenes in our business to reveal how we combined PLF Launches with Evergreen advertising, campaigns and sales. This exclusive coaching call will cover:  

  • How to transfer a PLF-style launch into an Evergreen campaign
  • Our Evergreen results including sales, ad spends, open rates and lead costs
  • Free and Paid Traffic Sources to fill your Evergreen Funnel
  • How to use Upsells, Downsells and Nurture Sequences to make more money
  • How we build our Launch Calendar and run Evergreen sales 24/7  
  • Simple steps to get started with your first Evergreen campaign
  • How to achieve 4x, 6x even 10x return on your ad spend in only a few hours a week
  • And MUCH more…  

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BONUS #3 Debrief + Playbook From My Biggest Launches 

When we first implemented PLF, we did TWO $750,000 PLF-style product launches so we're taking you behind the scenes to see in detail how PLF works in a real business... real numbers and mistakes included! 

In two extremely detailed Debrief Reports I’ll share with you the exact launch strategy, schedule, pre-launch sequence and sales tactics I used to secure over 800 new customers for my flagship course ($2k average sale). 

This is expert level behind-the-scenes content only available to PLF owners and will include real sales numbers, my actual refund rates (and how we drastically lowered these from last year), advertising numbers and my launch tracking tools. 

Secret Sauce: I’ll even share the replay of my $80,000+ sales webinar from one of my best launches! 

BONUS #4 My Entire Launch Email Swipe File

I’ll share with you EVERY sales email we sent during our TWO biggest launch including warm-up articles, our pre-launch content and our detailed open cart sequence. This also includes the close emails we sent to end our early bird pricing and our cart close day emails which you can model and implement in your next launch. 

This is literally pages and pages of copy. Obviously don’t copy it, but this is super handy to see both the scale of emails involved and what we covered in each one. 

BONUS #5 "The $500,000 Affiliate Strategy"

This one is gold! On top of my launch debrief, launch secrets coaching call and 70 pages of sales emails I’ll give you a HOT NEW Bonus where I’ll share my full Affiliate Strategy from my biggest ever launch. Where you’ll learn...  

  • How to recruitment and warm-up affiliate partners 
  • What and when to communicate to your affiliate partners to get them engaged and supporting your launch 
  • Top Tips for an effective Affiliate Facebook Group that builds healthy competition between your partners  
  • How to use affiliate prizes and rewards  
  • How we track affiliate sales and the results from our last launch 
  • My full 40 page Affiliate Email Swipe File  
  • And much more...  

Running PLF style JV (joint venture) launches with affiliates has increased our sales by over $500,000 and we seriously JV launches - so we’re lifting the veil and sharing what we’ve learnt.  


That’s over $2,000 worth of bonus launch expertise directly from me; a PLF owner who has implemented Jeff’s program in our business in the last 3 years. 

These are real numbers and we’ll share everything we’ve learnt to give you the best possible chance of making the most of PLF to create launch success in your business. I’ll give you real-world examples and mindset coaching on how to make PLF and launches work in your business with authenticity, ease and grace.  

I’m not giving you just another course as a bonus and even more work to do - I’m sharing with you what I have learnt and how I have used PLF to help you get the most from your investment with Jeff. Be ready to Join PLF and you'll receive my entire priceless bonus package: 

  • Expert Webinar - Secrets and Mistakes From $5m in Launches
  • Expert Webinar - Combining PLF Launches with Evergreen Sales 
  • My Full Launch Debrief and Playbook From Two Biggest Launches
  • My Entire Launch Email Swipe File (over 70 pages!)
  • The $500,000 Affiliate Strategy - How to recruit, manage and motivate great partners to maximise your launch 

This bonus package is the BEST way to fast track your PLF success and make your launch goals happen sooner. 

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Here’s a word from Vanessa and Xander, who purchased PLF and my PLF Bonus last year and went on to do a $105,000 launch!  

Here’s a word from Laura, who also purchased PLF and my PLF Bonus and went to be completely transform her business and life 

Learn directly from me and my team how we implemented PLF without stress or “dude” sales speak and how a PLF launch is possible with ease, grace and great results when you release your money blocks.  

Claim access to ALL these amazing bonuses when you join Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula coaching program.

To your launch success and abundance,

xx Denise